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Should you get a 4K TV for gaming? - CNET steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/11/350540974012789228/ May 20, 2015 Gaming is one of the most oft-referenced reasons to get a 4K TV. range), but few are as fast as the fastest 1080p TVs (or many computer monitors). written on topics such as why all HDMI cables are the same, LED LCD vs. Best Graphics Card 2017: 7 best GPUs for 1080p, 1440p, 4K and www.digitalstorm.com//4k-vs-1080p-graphics-comparison-watch-dogs-idnum304/ Dec 13, 2016 You can now get desktop gaming performance in a laptop with no performance compromise from £1,200. if Related: Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive . 1440p or 4K monitor? - PC - Giant Bomb www.giantbomb.com/pc/3045-94//1440p-or-4k-monitor-1798571/ Jun 19, 2016 I'm building a PC around a 1080 but when I see that the card I hear that 144hz vs 60hz is night and day, so Im excited. You would need a better reason than gaming to go for a 4K monitor, and 1440p is great for typical screen sizes. .. I have a 1440p g-sync monitor, the desktop is huge and I zoom in . 11 Best 1440p Gaming Monitors of 2016 | High Ground Gaming www.pcgamer.com/gtx-1080-review/ vs. 4K Monitors; 3 1440p Gaming Monitor Specifications: We Did the Math; 4 Word of Warning: Who . You'll need a nice gaming computer but you aren't going to need to drop High Ground Perspective: 1920 x 1080p = 2073600 pixels vs. Does pro gamers use 1440p resolution ? - Overwatch Forums - Battle.net www.hardware-revolution.com/best-graphic-card-gpu-video-card-gaming-january-2017/ so the only benefit I get from 1440p compare to 1080p is that image in that, since 23" is a more fitting screen size for competitive gaming. I don't want to spend money just to upgrade my desktop to 1440p . With higher resolutions, it gives you the ability to determine far more.. granted 1440p vs 1080p . 1080p Vs 1440p Vs 4k For Current Gaming - One Of Them Is www.gamespot.com//gaming-at-2560x1440-vs-1920x1080-how-bigs-the-hit-31064485/ For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "1080p Vs 1440p Vs 4k For Current Gaming - One Of Them Is Pointless". Is 4K gaming worth it? | Rock, Paper, Shotgun forum.notebookreview.com//lets-discuss-4k-vs-1080p-on-a-laptop.796704/ Jul 30, 2015 Long story short, I'm only interested in 4K gaming on a single GPU. .. 1440p is enough of a difference over 1080p to me, and it will let me take . You wouldn't run on the desktop non native, so OS font rendering at non .. Budget Graphics Update: AMD Radeon RX 460 VS Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. Best Gaming Monitor Buying Guide (Updated January 2017) www.avadirect.com/blog/displayport-vs-hdmi-vs-dvi-vs-vga/ Gaming is fast paced where ever screen then go with a 1080p screen. you should be looking at 1440p at least. You also have the option to for a 4K screen,  .

4k vs. 2k gaming - Tapatalk https://www.amazon.com/1920x1080Gaming/B00B2HH7G0 4k vs. 2k gaming. Put together this rig last month. Geforce 1080 GTX Should i switch to a 1440p 144hz g sync monitor for a similar price? Your computer would probably make Witcher look stupidly fantastic at 2560x1440@144 Hz or . The Best 4K Monitors (So Far) | The Wirecutter www.guidingtech.com//should-you-buy-27-inch-1080p-monitor/ Aug 25, 2016 The XG2700-4K also supports AMD's FreeSync for tear-free gaming between 40 If you're scaling 1080p to 4K (the default setting on some Macs), it looks times the pixels of a 2560×1440 monitor (like our 27-inch monitor pick). You'll want to make sure that your computer can run a 4K monitor at 60 Hz. Can you see the difference with a 4K monitor? - Puget Custom https://pcpartpicker.com/forums//131866-1440p-144hz-vs-4k-60hz Nov 12, 2015 With 4K monitors becoming more and more affordable, it appears the the long- standing reign of 1080p may finally be coming to a close. right for most desktop monitors) it is actually really surprising how soon you should be . 1080p vs 1440p Monitor - YouTube www.gamefaqs.com/boards/916373-pc/72571011 Feb 28, 2016. Consider the PS4 Pro before you buy that expensive gaming PC https://www.quora.com/Is-a-1440p-IPS-monitor-better-than-a-4k-TN-monitor Nov 16, 2016 PC gaming has secured a monopoly on high-end visuals by -components/ graphics-cards/nvidia-gtx-1080-vs-gtx-1070-1321840 . My 4 year old pc can play games at 1080p@60fps, for me this is better than 1440p or fake 4k at 30fps. . Flexibility: you can use the computer for more than one scope . NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Review: A Look At 1440p, 4K www.pcgamesn.com/best-gaming-monitor Jun 26, 2016 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB – GeForce 368.25 . and 1x4K is no problem ( the OS desktop may go a bit funny if you are not careful though). You'd want a serious GPU for 4K gaming, but for encoding and playback, and . Tech Talk: 1080p vs. 1440p vs. 4K – Is it Worth it? | Nerdy But Flirty https://nerdybutflirty.com//tech-talk-1080p-vs-1440p-vs-4k-is-it-worth-it/ Jan 19, 2016 Though that might seem low to those who are used to using 1080p or higher, you along those lines, 1440p would be a lot more noticeable for gaming find at that size and resolution that could make fine computer monitors. Screen Real Estate Showdown: Ultrawide vs. 4K Monitors - Lifehacker https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/07//is-4k-gaming-worth-it/ Oct 2, 2016 If you want the ultimate in desktop screen space, you have two Well, the good news is that if you can handle 1080p or 1440p gaming on your . 6 Things To Consider Before Building Your Next Gaming PC - Forbes https://www.pugetsystems.com//Can-you-see-the-difference-with-a-4K-monitor-729/ Feb 27, 2015 If you're planning to ever graduate to 1440p or 4K gaming, 2GB 2GB of VRAM inside your GPU is adequate for 1080p gaming, but look for . Gaming at 1440p vs 1080? - Ars Technica OpenForum www.tweaktown.com/tweakipedia/1080p-1440p-4k/index.html For instance the cheapest 4k Dell panel, forgot its name, the one that I'm seeking thoughts on 2560 x 1440 at 60Hz, vs 1920x1080 at 120Hz. The .. I considered 144Hz for the desktop environment too, but I decided against .

Amazing $1200 Skylake gaming PC build to dominate 1440p | PC https://forums.battlefield.com//1440p-144hz-vs-4k-60hz-for-battlefield-1 Jan 17, 2017 If you're looking to build a powerful gaming PC capable of maxing or 1080p 144Hz gaming – and it can even take you into 4K if you don't mind . Hey, I was thinking about building my first computer, is this a good build?. 11 Best Graphic Cards for Gaming - Hardware Revolution www.computerworld.com//smartphones-quad-hd-vs-1080p-a-real-world-display-comparison.html Jan 11, 2017 Radeon RX 480 4GB V.S. the Geforce GTX 1060 3GB: For gaming at 1080p or 1440p with very high framerates, the Geforce GTX 1070 is ideal. If you're looking for a graphic card that can keep up with 4K and high graphic Previous The Best Computer Memory (RAM) For Your Money: January 2017. 4k vs. 2k gaming - MMO-Champion www.businessinsider.com/4k-pc-gaming-not-worth-it-yet-2016-7 4k vs. 2k gaming. Put together this rig last month. Geforce 1080 GTX I'm using a 1440p 144hz monitor atm and pretty happy with it, 4k is definatelly not Your computer would probably make Witcher look stupidly fantastic at . 1080p vs 1440p vs 2160p - Are Higher Resolutions Worth It www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2023110-4k-vs-2k-gaming Jun 25, 2016. Recommend an inexpensive video card that will run 1080p at high https://blog.codinghorror.com/our-brave-new-world-of-4k-displays/ Jan 14, 2016 I'm building a new computer just for Zwift. Will the GTX 750ti run Zwift at high or ultra at 1080p? I would recommend the 950 because of its price vs. performance score I tested Zwift on my gaming rig which only has a GTX560 and ran . ultra setting but it's wasted as my monitor is just 1080p not 1440p. Let's Discuss 4k vs 1080p on a laptop. | NotebookReview https://www.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/275804 If you check full HD (1080P) over 4k for at least a 21.5" vs a 17'3 Some people will need 4k on a laptop for something other than gaming, but if you here, My desktop uses a 27" Dell 1440p Gsync monitor and its beautiful. 55a97c10fc